Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Challenge: Root Words

Photo- Photograph, Photographer, Photometer, Photocopy

When I went to the Longwood Gardens my parents made us take a Photograph for our Christmas card. The Photographer was my aunt. Then after all the holidays were over we went back to school. School was really boring. Until Mr. Eboch our science teacher started talking about a Photometer. Then we had to take a test about a photometer and what it was about. Then He photocopied it so we could all take the test.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What will I do with my one and precious life?

          The one thing I will want to do with my one and precious is train. I want to become a professional baseball player. First I would have to train and workhard almost everyday. I would have to go to the gym and workout. I have been wanting to become this since I was a little kid. However, I hadn't started training yet so I would have to get to that. My dad is my inspiration because he is the one thats pushes me to the limit. I practice as much as I can to achive my goal. My brother also plays baseball so something I can play with him when we get bored. Lastly, my parents help me out with school. They always remind me that I need good grades to get accepted in to a good college to play baseball.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ryan Joyce Horror/Fantasy story

Life Threatening Baseball Story
“Chris let’s go we have to get to your baseball game, you don't want to be late.”
“Okay I’m coming” I said walking out the door  with my baseball gear on my back ready for the game. Stepping in the car I grabbed the eye black out of my pocket. I looked into the mirror and started to put it on. When I got to the field I walked over to my teammates.
“What’s up guys, you ready for tonight.”
“Yeah let’s do this” Peter replied. We walked onto the field and I asked my dad if I was going to pitch tonight.
“Yes you are”. my dad replied. I walked over to Brandon and asked if he wanted to have a catch. After we were done warming up we went into the dugout and my dad started reading the batting lineup.
“Batting first Peter, batting second Brandon, batting third Nate, batting fourth Chris”. I was batting fourth I thought to myself, well now I have to do something good. We were in the field first so Haddon Township was batting. I went to the pitcher’s mound and started warming up .It was the first batter of the game and he hit a line drive up the middle of the field and got to second. He didn’t touch first base I thought. I got off the pitcher’s mound and threw the ball to first base, and umpire said “Out.” Then the next batter game up he was about six foot, I threw the ball low and outside and he hit the ball right over the fence. The same thing happened the next couple of innings. It was the top of the Fourth inning and we were losing 2-1, and I came up to the pitcher’s mound. It was the kid who hit the homerun his first at-bat. I threw the ball outside for a ball, and then I threw a slow pitch by hit knees and the ball shot right of his bat, I fell to the ground in an instant. All of the coaches from both teams ran out to me. They called the ambulance to get me to the hospital. While we were waiting for the ambulance the coaches of Haddon Township were hold umbrellas over me so the rain wouldn’t bother me.
When the ambulance arrived fifteen minutes later they rolled me off on a stretcher into the ambulance. My mom rode in the front of the ambulance with the other medic while my dad and my brother were in the car riding behind us. The medic with me in the back asked me a lot of questions. When we got to the hospital they brought me right to the ER room.One of the doctors asked me “What did it feel like when you got hit.”
“My head and my fingertips felt like I just hit my funny bone.”
I had to get two Iv’s one in my right arm and another one in my left arm. Its was about 10:30pm and I am still in the hospital. My mom left with my brother to go home. It was only me and my dad at the hospital. The doctor came in and said “We need to take a cat scan to see if Ryan has any serious injures.” They brought a bed to the side of me and they lifted me up on to it which hurt my neck a lot. I went into this big plastic tube.
One of the doctors said “It’s going to get hot in your mouth so don’t open it”.
I was in there for a minute and a half. They brought me back into the bed i wa in before. The doctors came and said “Ryan’s neck is just swollen and he has no bad injury.”
“Okay thank you” my dad replied. Then the doctors took the neck brace off and I looked at my dad’s watch and it read 12:30am. We called my mom to Come pick us up in the car. I could barely walk, I had to put one hand on my dad’s shoulder and walk slow. My mom and brother came to pick my dad and I up to leave the hospital.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Military Family

Military Family
“Dad I’m leaving” Justin said as he was off to school. His dad replied “Bye bud”. Justin thought everyday if his Dad was going to be recruited back into the military. He meet up with his friend Jonathan, his dad was also in the military. Jonathan's dad has been gone for 84 days. As they were walking to school they saw two fighter jets fly really fast. They wondered where they were headed, maybe Iraq or maybe or the battle field 200 miles away from them. As they got to the school there was nobody there. They went inside, everything was dirty and throw around. It looked like a there were shooting here. If so where would everyone go they had to have been here.
“Do you think the fighter jets did this” Justin said.
“I don’t know but if they did why would they do this”. Justin and Jonathan searched around the school to see if he could find anyone there.
“Justin let’s get out of here” Jonathan told him. They raced home and Justin’s dad was standing outside just about to leave for work. Justin yelled “Dad”.
His dad looked towards Justin and said “What going on”
Justin explained “Dad it it looks like there was shootings at our school. There was there were desks in hallways everything was just trashed. Justin’s dad’s phone went off and it was not his regular ring tone is was a loud alarm and he was talking to seemed what to be his military general.
“Justin looks like I have to go” said Justin’s dad.
“Where do you have to go” replies Justin.
“I’m going back into the military”.
“Do you have to go” asked Justin?
“Yes I have to go.”
“Okay see you later”.
“Bye bud see you later”.
Justin asked Jonathan “Where should we go, what is the safest place to be”.
Jonathan replied “My house there is a bunker in my basement. But first let’s go get your family. they raced to his house and got his Mom and his Sister. As they  got them they started running to Jonathan house they saw Jonathan family and they yelled “Hurry up we should be safe in here.. They ran as fast as they could and got there with no time to spare. They got down into the bunker and all Justin saw was a big safe which had at least 5 locks on it. They unlocked it and they all went went inside. They locked themselves from the inside. Justin saw a big fridge in the back corner and a really small and old TV. Justin replied
“Why is there a TV in here”.
Jonathan said “Because who knows how long we will be in here for”.
Justin and Jonathan told everyone how the school was trashed and said “How long do you think we will be in here for”?
“I don’t know probably until your dad comes back or maybe longer”.
“Do we have enough food for everyone”?
“Yes we do”.
“Okay well we'll see if we can survive the the war or is it the starting of World War 3.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Homework about stories

His dad looked towards Justin and said “What
Justin explained “Dad the school looks like it was hit by a bomb, nobody was there everything was trashed. On the tv at school the news caster said that they were Nazi soldiers starting a war in Englewood, Colorado.

Justin’s dad’s phone went off and it was not his ringing tone is was a loud alarm just like when Justin had a fire drill at school. It said Come to HQ ASAP. HQ meant the military headquarters. Justin looks like I have to go. “Okay” replies Justin.

This is my favorite part of my story because this is how the story starts. Like first, the school looks all messy like a bomb just exploded, and then his dads phone goes off and like do you don't know what's going to happen next.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Homework Scene/Summary Ryan Joyce

I am currently reading Off the Bench by Jake Maddox. In my book there is a scene currently happening. I can tell its a scene because it is giving lots of detail, and dialouge with the main character. Here is the scene that is happening in the story right now.

There is a kid named Daniel Friedland and he is on his middle school basketball team the Wildcats. He is a second string Shooting guard, The first string Shooting guard Dwayne Illy. But he is going on vacation for a week with his family and will miss the next game. Since he is going to miss the game that means Daniel with be starting in Dwayne's spot. Daniel was very nevous to start because he thought he was not good enough. He had told his dad he was starting next game and his dad was very excited. Daniel focused on one thing that game and it was getting fouled because he knew he couldn't shoot, but he knew he could shoot foul shots.

I can tell this is a scene because Daniel is focusing on one thing and one thing only. It is not a summary because it is not summing anything up it is laying it out from detail to detail. That is how I know this is a scene.